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  • How can I be sure about the quality of your work before I pay?
    We take all the risk away with our policy of not taking deposits or money upfront for work we undertake. We will buy the required materials to complete the job and work for several days before we ask for any money from you. This way you get to see the quality of our work and make sure you are happy before you need to outlay any money.
  • What if you should damage my property while you are working?
    Even with the best intentions accidents may still happen occasionally. To make sure our clients’ property are protected, we provide full insurance cover on all work carried out meaning, should something go wrong, you will not incur any cost. We are happy to provide you with a copy of our policy.
  • How do I know you won’t drag the job out and cost me more money?
    We do not work on hourly or day rates. When you hire us we will give you a fixed price for the work you require. This means that, irrespective of how long the job takes, you still pay the same fixed cost.
  • I have a limited understanding of building and decorating. How do I know if the work is being done properly?
    Our team are very experienced and knowledgeable and will be happy to answer questions you may have. Once the work is complete it will be quality checked by a supervisor and signed off once you confirm you are completely happy.
  • How do I know what work you will do for me?
    Before any work commences we will provide you with a detailed written quotation containing a full specification of the work you have requested.
  • What if I find a fault with your work after you have finished the job?
    Every effort is made to make sure the work is completed to your full satisfaction. Should you find any fault, call us immediately and we will put things right. All our work is fully guaranteed and insured.
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