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  • Ryan Cornish

Interior Trends for 2021

Cornish Decorators are going to arm you with our expert advice and resources to keep you informed on what we believe will be the latest interior trends for 2021. Lets get into it:

  1. Colour of the Year : Dulux Polished Pebble

Every year we see colours change and new trends come into play, but this beautiful light grey colour seems to have dominated the market again this year. I would say over 40% of the projects we have completed this year inside peoples homes have used this colour or very similar, and for a good reason.

It seems to open and brighten up small spaces, making them seem a lot bigger. It stands out as soon as you walk in the room with a clean and bold statement.

Here is an example of a job we have recently completed where the colour Polished Pebble remained throughout.

2. Earth Shades

Earth tones seem to be making a comeback to the decorating world and we believe it will continue to do so for 2021. Shades of brown, ochre and stone create a warm, welcome and form of comfort in spaces in peoples homes. It brings the minimalistic vibe back to the home, and I believe next year will be the year of the Earth Shades!

Here are some examples of earth shades from the Dulux™ colour chart:

3. Geometric Patterns

If you have any form of social media with short sharp videos (basically if you have Tik Tok)

I'm sure you would have come across a trend of people decorating their own homes with a load of random lines of masking tape across their walls and painting over it. Then magically as they pull of their tape, a form of triangles and weird shapes are left on the wall!

I'm a firm believer that these geometric patterns will become a request for decorators next year. We are yet to be asked for this, but it won't be long believe me! It creates a very futuristic and smart look on the wall, and are a great idea for feature walls. I'm all for this look and the process behind it looks simple but effective. It saves having a wallpaper with the same pattern that's for sure. If you're completely lost to what I'm talking about see the picture below!

4. Home offices

With more and more people working from home, there has been a surge in demand for home offices and study zones. They are normally small spaces that are being converted into a space efficient place. These are so popular in demand for a redecoration at the moment due to people realising the dull green or monotonous magnolia the room was painted 10 years ago just doesn't please the eye anymore when staring at it all day!

I believe next year due to the current climate more vibrant and clean colours are going to be used on home offices, so it looks easy on the eye and surprisingly it has been proven to also boost your productivity and focus!

Do you need any help or advice with what you are looking to do in 2021 to your home?

If you are looking for a professional to come into your home and help you with your new grey or earth walls, looking for a home office conversion or even pushing the boat out and going for a geometric wall the look no further! We are only at the end of a phone if you are even just looking for some professional advice on how to do it yourself.

At Cornish Decorators, we leave you with a quality and professional finish, providing you with stress free experience from start to finish, the only thing you will be left with is to pick what colour you would like to transform your home ! Has any of this advice helped you? Why not leave a comment below and join the discussion – we’d love to hear from you!

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