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The 4 big hurdles every homeowner will face when trying to redecorate themselves

Every homeowner faces different challenges. Whether it’s applying the right paint to the exterior of their property which will last a few years or understanding what the latest trends and designs are when decorating their rooms, it can be difficult to achieve success.

Your house has nearly a third of a million items in it!

However, when it’s done right, you can achieve results like having the best premises ever to reside in that matches your needs and receiving a long-lasting solution which keeps your house in order.

The best in the industry prepare for these same issues and achieve the results above through efficient planning and preparation.

They say always be prepared – and here is no different! Let’s look under the hood at the biggest challenges faced by homeowners both here and across the globe.

  • having the time to redecorate your homes after a busy working day

  • keeping your homes tidy when you attempt to do decorating

  • knowing how to prepare surfaces that are not yet ready to be painted

  • cutting the perfect line into walls, ceilings and woodwork to achieve outstanding finishes

1. Having the time to redecorate your homes after a busy working day

By far the biggest problem that people face is time. Whether you are working a 9-5 or are self-employed, creating time and having the motivation to do it on your days off or even after work are a struggle. I would recommend that when you start make sure you have a few clear days ahead of you to get the ball rolling, if you are doing a few hours here and there the task at hand will feel a lot more time consuming than spending 4-6 hours a day and seeing a bigger result, giving you that extra motivation to get the job done.

2. Keeping your homes tidy when you attempt to do decorating themselves

I’m not sure many people realise this, but protection and preparation can be almost as time consuming as the decorating itself, if not longer. The same principal as above applies here, if you are going to protect everything, the longer you can leave it the better. Make sure that everything is protected by dust sheets and polythene, and that if you are keeping the carpet make sure it is masked up below the skirting to help prevent paint running on to it. If the protection is not going to get in your way while living, then keep it down as long as possible. Uncovering everything and doing the same again the next time can prolong the works by quite some time, and also becomes a monotonous task.

3. Knowing how to prepare surfaces that are not yet ready to be painted

Knowing how to prepare certain surfaces comes with experience, you can have a look online at tips and tricks, but it will only come with trial and error. When preparing for decorating the key is using the correct equipment and brands, whether it is using the correct filler for the walls or woodwork, to using the correct primers and sealers to make sure the paint sticks.

4. Cutting the perfect line into ceilings and woodwork to achieve outstanding finishes

Unfortunately, when it comes to painting and decorating there is no user manual on how to do things correct such as cutting in a perfect line. It comes with years of experience and a steady hand, as this is one of the many things you can notice whether you have had it done by a professional or not. The only tips I would recommend is to not rush, take your time and make sure there is no obstacles in your way when doing so, good luck!

Are you facing these problems?

Do these homeowners’ problems resonate with you? This generally answers the question as to why people use professionals when it comes to painting and decorating. At Cornish Decorators, we leave you with a quality and professional finish, providing you with stress free experience from start to finish, the only thing you will be left with is to pick what colour you would like to transform your home!Have you faced similar challenges? Why not leave a comment below and join the discussion – we’d love to hear from you!

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