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3 Top Tips on choosing a Colour Scheme for Your Home Office

Light Colours

Different colours affect our moods in different ways. So, choosing the correct colour of paint is a big part of making your home office work for you.

Surprisingly, the most productive colour has been chosen to be…orange! But this does not mean that this is the only colour for you. But an orange yellowy colour I would recommend from the Farrow & Ball range would be Dutch Orange. This is close to a neutral cream with a hint of yellow. But if this does not float your boat, you can always go for a combination of soothing greys, blues and greens which can create a calmer feeling to help with creating a stress-free zone.

Woody Tones

If the bright colours are not for you, then a traditional warm toned wood office could be the one for you.

You will need a work area with plenty of light, then have a wooden desk, maybe some nice, varnished shelving units or shutters. Shutters could be perfect to control the natural light, so the glare will not affect your screen.

I think the benefit of this is that once you are in your home office, you can shut the door and be more efficient by feeling that you are in a more of a professional environment, again also helping with productivity.

Wall Gallery

So, if light colours, or woody tones are still not your thing, then do not be afraid as you are not the only one! This is where the wonderful world of art and pictures can help you out.

We are finding it more common by customers having dark shades on the wall such as a midnight blue, then contrasting this with bright art, picture frames, desks and even chairs. This contrast then highlights the art, so if you feel like clearing your head to re-focus, why not pick an amazing piece of art to have above your desk? The dark colour around the outside of the light picture frame is a perfect way to help you focus on the art!

I personally have pictures of my goals above my desk, such as a dream house or dream holiday. One glimpse of this is a perfect way for me to stay focused on my work!

Do you need anymore help with choosing a colour scheme for your home office?

If you require some professional advice, or require our services, then why not email or a get a free quote, we will be happy to help!

At Cornish Decorators, we leave you with a quality and professional finish, providing you with stress free experience from start to finish! Has any of this advice helped you? Why not leave a comment below and join the discussion – we’d love to hear from you!

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